Cosmetic Injection Training


We know that ongoing support and training are keys to success therefore we offer additional mentorship hours at RxCosmetics Medical Spa where you will have an opportunity to shadow experienced medical aesthetic nurses (hourly fees apply).

Medical Director Support

Wrinkle relaxers and dermal fillers are prescription medications in Canada. RN's and RPN's require a medical director (Nurse Practitioner or Physician) to work in collaboration when treating with these medication. Our training centre will provide you with resources to help connect with potential clinicians willing to act as Medical Directors.

 Are you an RN or RPN who is looking to enter the medical aesthetics field and received training at another location? We may offer medical director support. We recognize the relationship between yourself and a medical director is a relationship built on mutual trust and transparency, for this reason we encourage you to contact us and see if developing this relationship is mutually agreeable. 

Your Success is our Success

We truly want you to succeed in their growing and expanding field while feeling confident and prepared.